Why Should You Attend?

IATP events are the place to be for park owners, operators, aspiring owners, and anyone and everyone interested in the indoor trampoline park industry!

This is the premier annual event being held in the US, bringing together the largest gathering of trampoline park owners, operators and suppliers from all over the world. The three-day conference is comprised of educational sessions and workshops geared towards all levels of indoor trampoline parks, adventure parks, entertainment centers and sports facility owners and operators. At the IATP, we believe that innovation is necessary to make healthy, out-of-home attractions available to individuals and families, and to make physical activity a part of daily life! So if you are seasoned in the industry, or just thinking about jumping in, this is the place to be!


555 Canal St. New Orleans, LA 70130

Date & Time

September 23, 2019, 8:00 AM - September 25, 2019 - 4:00 PM


Monday, September 23 

8am- 7pm

Registration Open

8am- 5pm

Exhibitor Set-Up

8:30AM -5pm

Service Tech 1 & 2 Training Course


Natchez Jazz River Cruise

5:30pm- 7:30pm

Meet & Greet Reception


Tuesday, September 24

8:30 am - 5PM

Registration Open

9AM - 10AM

IATP Annual Business Meeting & Opening General Session

This is your opportunity to learn what has happened the past year and what the industry faces in the coming year. Each park member in good standing has one vote on any matters that require membership approval. Following the business meeting, Joseph Williams, Assistant Division Director for the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Defect Investigations Division will address conference delegates and highlight what is needed to bend the incident trend line.

9am - 3:30PM

Rebound Therapy Training & Certification

Rebound Therapy is a specific method of use of a full sized trampoline to provide opportunities for enhanced movement patterns, therapeutic exercise and recreation for children and adults across a wide range of disabilities. Click here for more information on Rebound Therapy!

  • Welcome and registration. 
  • Benefits Rebound Therapy discussion
  • Contra-indications discussion
  • Risk assessments – the environment
  • Covering the basics of trampoline movement
  • Riding
  • Developing programmes for people with profound and complex needs
  • Parachute Techniques
  • Popping
  • Practical work: Moves and progressions for Rebound Therapy exercises (working with course members)
  • 12.30 - 13.00 Lunch. Opportunity for discussion and information sharing
  • Exercises for highly energetic students
  • Damping
  • Practical work: Moves and progressions for Rebound Therapy exercises  (working with course members)
  •  Close of day    

10am - 5PM

Trade Show Open

10am -11AM

Service  Tech Certification Exam

10am - 5PM

Trade Show Open

10Am - 12:15pm

Breakout Sessions

12:15pm - 3PM

Extended Lunch &  Dedicated Trade Show

3pm - 5PM

Breakout Sessions


6pm - 9pm

Golden Spring Awards Reception & Dinner


Wednesday, September 25

8am - 12 noon

Registration Open

9Am -3:30pM 

Rebound Therapy Training & Certification

Rebound Therapy is a specific method of use of a full sized trampoline to provide opportunities for enhanced movement patterns, therapeutic exercise and recreation for children and adults across a wide range of disabilities.

 Day 2 schedule:

  • Discussion of matters arising
  • Risk assessments – the individual
  • Exercises for physically able students
  • The transition from Rebound Therapy to disability trampolining 
  • Preliminary self assessment paper. 
  • 12.30 – 13.00 Lunch. Opportunity for discussion and information sharing
  • Huddersfield Functional Index - measuring and recording progress and providing outcomes for students with profound and complex needs
  • Recap, based on results of self assessment papers and tutor’s observations
  • Snapshot review (filmed) of all techniques and exercises
  • Final self assessment paper. Statement of competence and limitation.
  • Certification

9AM - 2Pm

Trade Show Open

9am - 12noon

Breakout Sessions

12:15pm - 2pm

Lunch & Dedicated Trade Show

2pm - 3pm

Breakout Sessions


This two-hour cruise from the heart of the French Quarter shows you why the city was founded on the beautiful crescent of the lower Mississippi River. View New Orleans, one of the world’s most active ports, as it can best be seen from the river aboard New Orleans’ only authentic steamboat, the Steamboat Natchez. The cruise includes a live narration of historical facts and highlights of the port. The Museum quality Steam Engine Room is open to visitors. Duke Heitger’s Steamboat Stompers Jazz Trio plays each Harbor Cruise, providing jazz tunes for all to enjoy. Small bites, wine, beer, soda and water are included. Additional fee of $25.00 at registration!

**Space is limited - Don't delay**


Join us for a fabulous evening of honoring the industry's best! We will kick off with a 1.5 hour open bar cocktail reception with a live jazz trio followed by dinner and awards! Submit your nominees through 8.31.19 for the IATP Community Service Award and the IATP Leadership Award! Tickets are $75 in advance and $100 onsite!


Advance your staff's training with IATP Service Tech Training or Rebound Therapy Training!  

IATP Service Tech Training is geared towards the individuals at a trampoline park who are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the trampoline courts. The Service Tech Certification is based on ASTM F2970 - 17 the Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Major Modification of Trampoline Courts. 

Rebound Therapy is a specific method of use of a full sized trampoline to provide opportunities for enhanced movement patterns, therapeutic exercise and recreation for children and adults across a wide range of disabilities.

Additional fees apply. Please visit:  www.indoortrampolineparks.org

Workshop Descriptions

Tuesday, September 24

Location: Studio 1 & 2

10AM -11AM

Mugged by the Media; Surviving in the Era of Fake News - George Lewis, Veteran Award Winning TV Journalist

Veteran award-winning TV journalist George Lewis will lead a discussion about how to deal with the fallout of negative news stories about your business, using video clips from reports about the trampoline park industry.  How do you figure out in advance whether a story about your business is going to be positive or negative?  Are you aware that there are certain times during the year when local stations sometimes use fear-mongering tactics to build their audiences?

11AM -12 Noon

Risk Communication & Reducing Our Exposure to Liability-  Jon Heshka, Associate Professor, Thompson Rivers University

The presentation will review principles of negligence and risk before diving into the deep end of systems-based risk management. The four stages (pre-incident, active management, crisis management, and post-incident) will be examined in detail. The presentation will focus on risk communication and the delicate balancing act of presenting trampoline parks as a fun and safe activity while at the same time saying it’s dangerous. It will look at staff training and the concept of ‘training to failure”, marketing, signage and waivers, intake procedures, orientation processes as well as other considerations which help build a corporate culture founded on high performance and safety.

3PM -5Pm

Don't Kill Your Golden Goose  - Larry Oxenham, Author, Senior Advisor 

Is your financial house in order? Discover the tools you can use to become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes, and  achieve financial peace of mind. From the presentation, you will learn lawsuit protection, tax reduction, and estate planning strategies most advisors are unaware of.

** Please note this is a 2 hour session **

Workshop Descriptions

Tuesday, September 24

Location: Studio 9 & 10

10AM - 11AM

Groups....Groups and More Groups - Sheryl Bindelglass, CEO Sherylgolf

Are you great order takers but not the best sales makers? Does your facility have days that are slow? Are there weekdays that are weak? Are there months that you are not meeting your attendance projections? You know that there are times when you are paying staff for only a few people in your building. The solution is to pre-book tons of groups to fill the down times. Don’t miss the one session that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. 

11AM - 12 Noon

Next Gen: The Future of Trampoline Parks - Matthew Hubbard

We will discuss the past, present and bright future of trampoline parks. Between tangible and technological advances, learn how the industry will evolve over the next few years.  

3PM - 4pm

Demystifying Marketing & Promotions for Trampoline Parks, Usman Rao

Maximizing marketing opportunities effortless. Understanding your customers better for more effective engagement through email, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and mobile apps. Leveraging all channels for the most effective conversations to promotions!

4PM - 5PM

Attraction Pros Live - Josh Liebman & Matt Heller

Brought to you by the creators of the AttractionPros Podcast, AttractionPros LIVE! puts you in the guest seat! Josh Liebman and Matt Heller will lead the discussion, but YOU will be the star! Come with questions to be addressed by the group, and be prepared to share your wisdom and insight. As each person enters the room, they will be asked to submit a question for the group to address. As time allows, the facilitators will read each question and gather feedback and insight from the group. This interactive forum will highlight current challenges faced by trampoline park professionals with solutions provided by the speakers AND the audience members. All questions and responses will be recorded and made available as an upcoming podcast episode.

Workshop Descriptions

Wednesday, September 25

Location: Studio 1 & 2

9AM - 10AM

Medical Responsibilities and Emergency
Action Plans – Training Your Team -Suzy Wolfe Jewell, Bob Ito & Mike Jacki (TAAG)

Having a comprehensive emergency action plan is critical to your park's operation. This session will cover:

• Assessment of injuries and your staff’s response
• What to do and what NOT to do when someone is injured
• Emergency Extractions from foam pits, air bags and
trampolines – Training staff and Emergency Medical Teams
• What your local Emergency Response Team needs you to
do before, and during the emergency response (from
interviews with over 100 Firefighters)
• Developing Emergency Action Plans
• Staff Training Drills – Defining Responsibilities

10AM -11AM

The Training and Education of Court Attendants- Your First Line of Defense - Suzy Wolfe Jewel, Bob Ito & Mike Jacki (TAAG)

Court Monitor Education -  a more direct and in-depth education program for Court Attendants, making them more efficient, more attentive to rules, better education on the associated risks and better prepared to manage their assignments.

Enhanced Video Training & Education – better educational tools to enhance the Court Monitors ability to determine risk and how best to controls patrons safety.

Supervision – In this ever evolving and innovative industry, training staff to effectively supervise ALL attractions/areas is key to your success and safety. 

  • Trampoline Courts/Attractions
  • Challenge Areas (Ninja Courses, Joisting, Slacklines, Warped Walls, Log Rolls, etc.)
  • Kid’s Zones
  • Parkour Areas

NEW program for Performance Trampolines and Wall Walking – The correct way to assess patrons level of skill, supervision, skill progressions, and the best practices for  operating these more advanced areas.

11AM - 12Noon

Trampoline Parks and Real Estate - Do you know that your real estate expense can make or break your bottom line? Let's talk about site selection, leasing, purchasing, pricing, etc., etc.! - RJ Mohindra, Principal, FEC Real Estate

The presentation offers trampoline park owner/operators an opportunity to see how a strong real
understanding will enhance their profits. Learn how real estate site selection drives
revenue and reduces expenses. Develop awareness on how a particular location's parking, its
traffic counts and visibility, its proximity to competitors, its demographics, etc. contributes to the
success of a business. Contracts are not short term in nature in commercial real estate.
Interpret some of the salient matters in a lease as it relates to renewal options, personal guarantee
burn-offs, TI allowance disbursement, etc. On the other hand, digest a purchase contract and
understand the important feasibility and closing deadlines, title and survey fees, etc. that come
along with said contract.

2PM - 3PM

Profitable Birthday Party Programs in 2020 - Frank Price 

Out of the home birthday parties in 2020 and beyond are not about doing more, adding more kids, time or attractions to packages and definitely not about discounting your price.  It’s about differentiation by changing how it’s done; emphasizing your greatest asset … your human capital. A new or variety of attraction mix adds energy and business diversity that lasts only for a short while and is not the long term solution to an oversaturated market.   Adding more “things” to your packages to compete, is not the answer because anyone can do it and anyone can add more and charge less.  In order to continue to grow and be profitable after the newness of your business wears off (18 months on average), you must set yourself apart from all others that look and act just like you.  

The industry has commoditized and is now oversaturated.  The new hybrid trampoline park model is the beginning of the evolution in the industry, but still not the total answer. Attraction centric family amusement businesses all follow the same 3-4 year glass ceiling lifespan.  But when a new one opens up near you it stings. Oversaturation is not your only concern, changing population trends will add to your party program woes.  Fewer babies are being born or born later.  A more sophisticated parental expectation of value and a squeeze on spendable income for out of the entertainment will shift future party program demand.

 If you can’t add new attractions, are caught in a highly competitive market or trying to hang on with a more mature business, the solution is in doing opposites.  Change the way your party flows and the human emotional interaction, personalize and elevate the overall party experience. Your party team is your most valuable party asset, extremely hard to copy, yet has the greatest impact on the party result.  Learn how to change the way you do parties with what you already have and drive your party program to a new level of long-term growth and profitability.  

Workshop Descriptions

Wednesday, September 25

Location: Studio 9 & 10

9AM - 10AM

Diversify or Die - Picking the Right Attractions - Bryan Severance

Learn how to add other attractions that enhance the trampoline park and add additional revenue without messing with your core business or demographics. Learn the pitfalls of the wrong attraction and learn from the mistakes and wins of the past!

10AM - 11AM

How to Select the Perfect VR Attraction for Your Location -Bob Cooney

Virtual reality and immersive technology is the future of location-based entertainment. Progressive trampoline park owners have been experimenting with different VR attractions, but there’s more to selecting the perfect VR attraction than buying what everyone else does. Location-based entertainment veteran Bob Cooney has created an evaluation framework to help park owners.  By considering staff capabilities, owner mindsets, physical facilities and customer expectations, your investment in virtual reality is sure to perform for you, your staff, and your customers.  

11AM - 12Noon

How Loyalty Rewards & Membership Programs Help You Engage Guests and Increase Revenues - Sherry Howell

Did you know that the average consumer is enrolled in 14 loyalty programs but only engages with 7?  How do you make your program worth staying in your guest’s wallet? This session will guide you through some of the lesser known benefits of free and paid membership programs so you can enter a largely untapped method of recurring revenue and program ROI. Learn what you need to know to implement or refine your program, and how to gain traction with your customer base.  

2PM - 3PM

Tackling Labor Challenges with Technology , Peter Kellis, Tray

Minimum wage increases and overall rising labor costs, operational inefficiencies, and staffing challenges these are just some of the issues facing operators.  In this session, learn how to leverage technology, AI and automation tools to improve operational efficiencies and maintain profitability.


Sheryl Bindelglass

CEO, SherylGolf

Sheryl is known as the ‘marketing/operations pro,’ with more than 25 years’ experience working with small to large organizations and franchises. She has broken records for sales, has won industry awards and authored numerous industry books and articles on maximizing your business opportunities. Her passion & enthusiasm for the industry is truly contagious. When the best entertainment centers need fast results, they call Sheryl. For help getting started or growing your sales, creating extraordinary guest experiences or hosting the grandest grand opening, you will want Sheryl on your team. www.sherylgolf.com 

Bob Cooney

Expert, speaker, Mentor, Virtual reality

Bob Cooney is the world's leading authority on the location-based virtual reality (LBVR) business, has been an innovator in immersive entertainment for nearly 30 years. Bob frequently contributes to Replay Magazine as their technology editor and is a thought leader who travels the world seeking out the best and worst that virtual reality has to offer.  He is a frequent keynote speaker at VR and amusement industry conferences and is a renowned and skilled moderator. For more information about Bob Cooney visit www.bobcooney.com

Matt Heller

Performance Optimist Consultant, Amusement Advantage

Matt Heller has spent 31 years in the attractions industry, spending time in both operations and human resources.  He has had the pleasure of holding leadership positions at Canobie Lake Park, Knott’s Camp Snoopy, Valleyfair, Smiles Entertainment Center and Universal Orlando Resort.  In 2011, Matt created his own leadership development consulting company, Performance Optimist Consulting, where he now gets to help leaders from all over the industry make sure they are getting the most out of themselves and their teams.

In 2013, Matt released his first book, entitled, “The Myth of Employee Burnout”. In it, he outlines his quest to find out what truly causes employees to lose motivation and what leaders can do to overcome it.

In 2017, Matt’s second book, “All Clear – A Practical Guide for First Time Leaders and The People Who Support Them” was released, providing new leaders the guidance and resources needed to be successful, while also offering tools for the management teams responsible for overseeing the new leaders’ development.

Matt is also the co-host of the AttractionPros podcast, a weekly podcast highlighting great leaders and best practices in the attractions industry.

John Heshka

Associate Professor, Thompson Rivers University

Jon Heshka bridges the real world of extreme sports risk management with the rigor of academia. Jon is the VP of Education and Quality Management with APEX Active Entertainment Group in Canada. He is also an associate professor at Thompson Rivers University teaching in both the law school and the adventure studies department. Jon was Associate Dean of Law at TRU from 2013-2017.

His experience and expertise in extreme sport and risk are wide-ranging. Jon has five degrees, trained and coordinated search and rescue fulltime from 1992-99 in British Columbia and has done mountain rescues above 15000 feet on three continents. Jon has climbed and led expeditions from Alaska to Argentina and many points in-between. He managed Petzl America’s professional/industrial division for three years and has been at the university for 16 years.

Jon has written a textbook which represents the next generation of thinking about risk and adventure, four book chapters including one on the legal issues in extreme sport and another on the legal context for outdoor recreation, and more than 60 articles, in addition to presenting at 30+ conferences worldwide including the World Association for Sport Management Conference, Sports & Recreation Law Association Conference, and the British Association for Sport and Law Conference. He has also worked as an expert witness in Canada, the United States, and Europe in matters relating to adventure sports risk management.

Sherry Howell

Brand Engagement Director, centeredge

Sherry Howell serves as the Brand Engagement Director for CenterEdge Software where she provides operational best practices, content and tools to help improve the day-to-day business of CenterEdge clients.  She has trained and coached teachers, trainers and family entertainment center teams both in the US and internationally since 2008 in areas such as sales, guest service, training and adult learning, leadership and more. She has also spoken at IAAPA, IATP, IATP UK, Euro Attractions Show (EAS) and several other regional educational seminars in varied entertainment and amusement industries.

Matt Hubbard

Director of Sales & Design, Fun Spot

Matthew Hubbard has designed more than 150 parks worldwide, he has helped establish the British Standard PAS 5000:2017 while seated within the committee, and continues to ideate creative innovations throughout all aspects of the entire adventure/trampoline park industry for the next generation. 

Bob Ito

Founding Member, TAAG

Bob is currently working as an independent insurance inspector for trampoline and adventure parks. He is also a principal member of TAAG (Trampoline and Adventure Advisory Group) and does expert witness work for trampoline and adventure parks, gymnastics and cheerleading accidents and claims.

Bob was the former City-Wide Gymnastics Program Director for the Chicago Park District, and he spent ten years as the Head Women’s Gymnastics Coach at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.  Bob Was a National Safety Instructor for over twenty years for both the US Gymnastics Safety Association and USA Gymnastics. Bob was a member and officer of the National Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches/Women and Vice Commissioner for Men’s Gymnastics for the inaugural Goodwill Games in Seattle in 1990.  Bob has published books about tumbling and women’s gymnastics, articles for AAHPER and the NCAA Sports Sciences Sub-Committee on Eating Disorders and is one of the authors and editors of the Trampoline & Adventure Safety & Risk Management Handbook.

Mike Jacki

Title, TAAG

Mike Jacki has been involved with Trampoline, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Parkour,  Action Sports and related disciplines throughout his entire professional career.  Mike was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2004.

As President of USA Gymnastics, he started the USA Gymnastics Safety and Certification Program in 1985, which has become the model for the U.S. Olympic Sports Industry.

As one of the Founding members of “TAAG,”  (The Trampoline Adventures and Advisory Group; a  IRS  501 ( c ) ( 3 ) not – for profit corporation ),  Mike has been an active and aggressive contributor to the Trampoline Park industry safety and risk management culture.  TAAG has been intimately involved for the last five years of providing various means of support to the industry including the publication of the first Safety and Risk Management Manual for the Trampoline Park industry.  Also, TAAG conducts park inspections, training and educational courses and other consulting services as well as legal defense, always pursuing the best safety and risk management practices for the owners and operators, management, Court Attendant and Court Monitors that run and manage trampoline parks nationwide.  TAAG has also created the first Safety and Risk Management Certification and Instructional Program for the Trampoline Park industry. 

Mike has extensive knowledge and background of the trampoline park industry including its history, current practices, legal issues, equipment and manufacturing, safety systems, equipment and protocols as well as knowledge of accident history, preventive methods and practices and the industry’s continual development and latest trends. 

Mike has worked for more than forty years with insurance companies, litigators and the legal community as well as safety and risk management experts in the study and defense of sports facilities, trampoline and youth entertainment centers, Gymnastics, Cheer, Parkour clubs and related businesses.   His first work with the ASTM dates back to the early 1970’s and he is currently active and involved with the ASTM committees on trampolines and the trampoline park industry.

Mike was also former President of the United States Ski and Snowboard Association, The United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs and the National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches for Women.  He is currently a Member of the Board of Directors of the World Acrobatic Society.  He is Senior Advisor to the International Cheer Union and the International Parkour Federation.  He also served for more than a decade as a member of the Board of Directors of the United States Olympic Committee and is a Honorary Life Member of the International Gymnastics Federation.   He is also an Inductee into the Iowa State University Athletic Hall of Fame.                                                                                 

Josh Liebman

Director of Business development, Amusement advantage

With more than 14 years of experience in the Theme Parks & Attractions Industry, Joshua specializes in guest experience consulting, specifically hospitality standards, complaint resolution, and revenue growth.  Joshua’s experience in the Attractions Industry includes attractions operations, guest service communications, retail management, and quality assurance consulting.

Joshua has worked for some of the top operators in the world, including, but not limited to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Merlin Entertainments, and Cedar Fair.  Joshua has been integral to the openings of multiple attractions in various leadership capacities.  His educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Theme Parks and Attractions Management, along with a Master’s Degree in Hospitality & Tourism, both from the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management.

Joshua is the co-host of the AttractionPros Podcast, the leading resource for Attractions Industry professionals.

George Lewis

Retired news correspondent, Nbc

George Lewis was an NBC News correspondent for 42 years. He retired from the network in 2012 and is now working on book projects, blogging and lecturing.  He co-authored the book Line of Sight, the biography of an early TV pioneer who brought commercial television to the West Coast.

The winner of three Emmys, the George Foster Peabody and Edward R. Murrow awards, he is no stranger to world crises.

Vietnam was his first assignment for NBC News starting in August 1970.  Lewis remained there until May of 1972, returning to Vietnam in 1975 to cover the fall of Saigon. He was among the Americans evacuated by helicopter just before North Vietnamese tanks rumbled into the city.

In 1979, Lewis was in Iran to cover the hostage crisis at the U.S. embassy in Teheran and was one of only two American journalists to get inside the embassy for an interview with one of the hostages.  He remained in Iran for 66 days until the government expelled foreign journalists.

 In 1989, Lewis was present in China for the revolt in Tiananmen Square and the revolution in Romania.  During his career with NBC News, he has also covered wars and revolutions in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.  

He was part of the NBC team that covered Operation Desert Storm, reporting from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq.  Lewis was also present in Lebanon for the 1982 Israeli invasion.

In the latter part of his NBC News career, Lewis reported on stories from his base in Los Angeles. His major domestic assignments included covering earthquakes in California, the O.J. Simpson criminal and civil trials and the Los Angeles Olympics.

A recurring assignment for Lewis was the technology revolution, starting with the dawn of the Internet age in the 1990’s.  In a series of reports called “Almost 2001,” Lewis and his NBC News colleagues were among the first broadcasters to allow viewers to interact via email.

Peter Kellis

Title, TRAY

Peter holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT where he graduated with a perfect GPA. He worked as a Software Engineer, Design Engineer and Architect at Enterprise companies such as EMC, RSA Security and VERITAS before joining the Product team at Google.
He holds over 30 patents in data replication technologies and is in the Guinness Book of World Records with his brother Manolis and sister Maria for highest acceptance rate to MIT from a single family.

In 2013, Peter founded his own company, TRAY, in order to apply his expertise in moving information around to the problem of large scale on-premise ordering. He engineered a cloud-based, Point of Sale system that was created with self-service in mind. His goal is to improve service around the world and make it a fair and personable experience. If there's one thing he doesn't like, it's waiting in line.

RJ Mohindra

Principal, FEC real estate

RJ Mohindra is a Principal at FEC Real Estate. He brokers real estate transactions (lease,
purchase, build to suits, etc.) for Family Entertainment Center (trampoline parks, multi
attraction facilities, etc.) clients all throughout the United States.
He has exclusively worked in commercial and corporate real estate for the past 13
years and during such time RJ has completed millions of dollars in real estate transactions.
He did his graduate studies at Rice University and completed his undergraduate studies at the
University of Texas.

Larry Oxenham, 

Author & Senior Advisor

Larry Oxenham is one of America’s top asset protection experts, having helped thousands of professionals achieve financial peace of mind by teaching them how to properly structure their assets for lawsuit protection and tax reduction. He has authored and co-authored several articles and books on the subject including The Asset Protection Bible. His career has been credited with helping thousands of people save millions of dollars. Larry Oxenham is a nationally recognized speaker who has trained thousands of professionals at hundreds of conventions, conferences and seminars across the country.

Frank Price

president, fl price

 FL Price is consulting and training firm for the family entertainment and leisure industries.  Frank Price personally challenges new starts; modernizations and current owners with over 25 years’ experience, to deliver high level, quality guest experience.  He specializes in providing the tools to build engaging teams, including Ferret personality online application, that places individuals in the right role for their personality and the training systems that make your people the attraction.   Frank designs and customizes key revenue center processes, including birthday parties and group events, as well as the development of guest experience cultures.   He develops the systems and processes that mold your business beyond the design and build phase, by redefining the way you do business.   Frank’s consulting career has given him the opportunity for creating systems and training with high profile companies such as Adventure Park, Rev’d Up, Funhaven, Kokomo Joes, Sky Zone Franchise LLC, Off The Wall,  Fly Trampoline centers, The Zone, Ultra Start Entertainment, Make Believe, Time Zone Australia, Magi Quest, The Wow Factory, Mr. Gatti’s, Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park, Paradise Park, The Big Trill Factory, Ashville’s Fun Depot, The Amazing Pizza Machine, Lasertag Extreme and Fort Frenzy.  Frank founded Birthday University in 2000 to answer the need to produce high quality, profitable commercial birthday parties.   Birthday University continues to tour in its 20th successful year, teaching businesses like Disney, Hershey Park, Bam, Hollywood Park, Andretti Thrill Park, San Diego Ice Rink, Roseville Skate Town, The Ontario Science Center, The Florida Aquarium, Hero’s and thousands of other family entertainment enterprises, the business of remarkable and profitable birthday parties.    Frank instructs at Foundations Entertainment University and various industry conventions including IAAPA, IATP, Laser Tag (traditional and tactical), Bowl Expo, National Association of Farmers Agritourism,, Ice and Gymnastic conventions, Roller Skating, and World Waterpark Shows.  Frank’s seminars are well attended and consistently receive some of the highest attendee feedback.  Contact (919) 387-1966  frank@fl-price.com Visit  www.fl-price.com  - www.ferretpersonality.com  - www.birthdayuniversity.com

Usman Rao

Founder & CTO,Rivette

Founder & CTO at Rivette: Cloud based SaaS platform that provides Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning and a robust Email Marketing. Responsible for product design, machine learning and statistical predictive models, platform scalability and growth.

Before founding Rivette, Usman worked at Intel as a Director in Corporate Strategy team. In this role, Usman was responsible for market research and analysis of growth strategy initiatives such as identifying existing and new technology verticals, organic and inorganic product segments and market sizing research. 

Over 20 years experience in Management, Customer Experience, Sales, Corporate Strategy, Product Management, Marketing and Growth Strategies

Worked at Intel, Cisco, McAfee, Technology Startups

Usman earned his MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and has an undergrad degree in Computer System Engineering. 

Bryan Severance

Owner, Fallout Zones LLC

A recognized leader in the Family Entertainment Center industry known for increasing profits and facility entertainment value thru successful strategies, Bryan Severance offers over 25 years of industry knowledge and a full gambit of executive experience, company- wide team-building, and profitable solution implementation. As Owner of Fallout Zones LLC. Bryan has created an agile and responsive project style that allowed countless trampoline parks / entertainment centers to benefit from various markets and customer segments. His focus on profitable customer centrist designs allow him to create a facility that maximize customer satisfaction and productivity. Designing, building, and managing/operating multiple large facilities give him a unique and refreshing understanding of the industry and its clients.  Based in the home of the original modern trampoline park, Bryan has worked with developers and owners from the beginning of our current trampoline era.


Joseph Williams

Assistant Division Director, CPSC

Mr. Williams oversees one of the investigative teams in the Defects Investigations Division in the Office of Compliance and Field Operations and has served at the CPSC for over 10 years.  He regularly oversees the analysis of potential safety issues and their mitigation strategies.  During his tenure, he has worked on a variety of products, including a number of high priority industry wide initiatives.  

Suzanne Wolfe Jewell

Founding member, taag

Suzanne Wolfe Jewell has been involved in gymnastics and trampolining as a gymnast, coach and gym owner since 1974, and is a Professional member of USA Gymnastics. Her knowledge of what children and teens find fun, combined with her knowledge of safety and equipment enables her to create functional layouts and innovations for Trampolines Unlimited, Inc. as their Senior Designer. Trampoline Unlimited, Inc. (TUI) designs, produces and installs custom Trampoline, Ninja and Adventure parks, as well as equipment for gymnastics schools and the entertainment industry, since 1975. 

Suzanne is also the TUI Risk Management lead, authoring multiple manuals and running “Spring Training” boot camps for new TUI built trampoline parks. Recently, Suzanne co-created the Non-Profit Trampoline & Adventure Advisory Group (TAAG), which educates and certifies supervisors and court attendants on best practices for safer operations, managing risks, medical responsibilities and emergency preparedness. Suzanne has worked with well over 100 Emergency Medical Responders on emergency actions plans which include foam pits, airbags and trampoline extraction drills. 

Suzanne is the Children’s Zones lead for the ASTM F2970 Trampoline Court Task Group since 2011, and the Facility Operations Chairperson for International Association of Trampoline Parks (IATP) for which she is a founding member.  Suzanne’s passion for this industry, as well as her ability to create ways for patrons to jump safer and smarter is what inspires her to BOUNCE out of bed every day!


New Orleans Marriott

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The 7th Annual Conference & Trade Show will be held at the New Orleans Marriott on the edge of NOLA's French Quarter! The IATP is pleased to offer our attendees a discounted rate of $194.00 per night. A dedicated website is now available for you to book your hotel rooms online..


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